CallMate Phones

You can use the CallMate built in browser phone or use and SIP capable SIP soft or deskphone.


CallMate Browser Phone

Our own browser based phoen is a part of your CallMate subscription. You can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS text messages. Listen to your voicemails and call recordings. It also integrates nicley into Hubspot and Pipedrive. Which allows you to update and create new leads and task directly from the phone.

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SIP Softphones

You can use any free or paid SIP softphone out there in the market. We recommend to use the softphones from Counterpath or Zoiper. Both have free and paid versions of their phones, which all work on CallMate.

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SIP Deskphones

If you have colleagues sitting mostly at their desks and make a lot of calls, a solid SIP deskphone could be and ideal solution for you. Any industry standard SIP phone will work on CallMate. We recommend to use the deskphones from Yealink and Gradstream. They are of good quality and affordable. Of course you can use use Cisco or Polycom phones with the CallMatre service.