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Never miss any of your agents activities any more and get them recored in your main sales tool Piepdrive. Make & receive client calls seamlessly right from Pipedrive without switching applications. With CallMates’s Pipedrive integration, you can now keep a click on all your call activities directly in Pipedrive. Get all your call activities, texts, call recordings, and voicemails logged automatically under the specific Pipedrive contact and deals. Sign up with CallMate trial to experience the benefits now

Installation Steps


Piepdrive Activities

All your calls, voicemail messages and text messages will be synced in Pipedrive automatically. You can set under what Piepdrive Activity Type the calls, voicemails and tetx messagges youls be tagged. All call recordings are linked to the Piepdrive Activity as well.

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Call Note & Follow-Up Activities.

You can enable the Piepdrive call not and follow-up pop-screen in the CallMate phone. Your users can then easily enter call notes or schedule a new Piepdrive activity directly inside the CallMate phone after the call ends. They are also able to listen to the call recording directly after the call. This feature applies to inbound and outbound calls.
Stay on top of your call follow-up activities!

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Pipedrive Contact Integration

You can search and dial Piepdrive contacts directly from your CallMate softphone.
It does not matter if you dial a number directly or via search, all calls will be logged in Pipedrive. Of course you can also do a click-to-dial on any number inside Piepdrive. The number will be passed to the CallMate softphone. Easy dialing!